Legislative Committee meets Dec. 7 at NW Cannabis Club at 8pm!

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The Portland NORML Legislative Committee will meet December 7th at 8pm at the NW Cannabis Club located at 1195 SE Powell.  The Committee will discuss Legislative strategy that will benefit consumers at this meeting, especially the most vulnerable consumers - therapeutic cannabis consumers, with Leland Berger as Chair.

The OMMP Rules Advisory Committee will be meeting earlier in the day, and local cannabis clubs have been advised that consuming marijuana at these private locations will be in violation of the Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) as of January 1st, so these topics are likely to be at the top of the list for conversation.  Time permitting, other consumer-oriented issues can also be discussed.  Feel free to propose additional issues for the next Portland NORML Legislative Committee on the first Monday of January while at this meeting, as well, so they can be added to the agenda for January’s meeting.

The location will allow attendees to consume marijuana at the conclusion of the meeting, and some beverages and snacks are available for purchase. Parking is best on SE Gideon, just north of the NW Cannabis Club, and can be accessed from Milwaukie/SE 12th although public transportation is strongly recommended.

The cost for entrance to the NW Cannabis Club is $1; check-in at the front desk and notify them you are there for the Portland NORML Legislative Committee.   We need all members to get involved in framing the Legislative conversation so that consumers’ needs are met.  We hope to see you there!

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