Portland NORML Core Principles - From Legalization to Equalization!

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Portland NORML Mission Statement

Ensuring that responsible legal adult marijuana consumers are provided the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as adult alcohol consumers.

Portland NORML Core Principles

  1. Maintaining the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Registry Card System and Its Privileges
    1. Greater marijuana possession limit (24 ounces vs. 8 ounces at home, 1 ounce in public)
    2. Greater marijuana cultivation limit (24 plants vs. 4 plants at home)
    3. Designation of caregivers and growers
    4. Tax rebate on all marijuana purchases at medically-designated stores
  2. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries’ Right to Choose Retail Licensing
    1. Existing medical dispensaries allowed, but not required, to become retail licensees
    2. No new medical dispensaries to be licensed where retail licensees are permitted
    3. New retail licensees may apply for a medical-service certification, but are not required to
    4. Medically-certified licensees may purchase CBD-rich and topical products from OMMP cardholders, serve minor patients, and offer tax rebates to patients for THC products
  3. Affirmation of the People’s Sole Right to Ban Marijuana Commerce
    1. No city council right to ban
    2. No county commission right to ban
    3. No moratoria without a vote of the people
  4. Retention of the State’s Sole Right of Taxation on Marijuana
    1. No city or county marijuana taxes
    2. No implementation of any tax or fee not proposed by Measure 91
  5. Establishment of Adult Personal Use Venues
    1. “Vapor Lounges” where adults may consume marijuana indoors
    2. “Pot Gardens” or designated areas at outdoor festivals and events, screened from public view, where adults may consume marijuana
    3. Right to consume marijuana at establishments open to the public where tobacco smoking is permitted, at the establishment’s discretion
  6. Rejection of Junk Science DUID Standards
    1. Fight to maintain Oregon’s current impairment-based DUID standard
    2. Support of Measure 91’s plan to scientifically test methods of measuring impairment
  7. Marijuana Consumers’ Right to Work
    1. Rejection of workplace urine and hair screening that only inform an employer that the employee is a marijuana consumer
    2. Education of employers on the need to migrate to electronic impairment testing that truly protects the workplace from impaired employees
  8. Marijuana Consumers’ Equal Rights
    1. Right to medical procedures like organ transplants
    2. Right to child custody and adoption
    3. Right to keep and bear arms
  9. Release of Non-Violent Marijuana Prisoners
    1. All non-violent prisoners whose crimes are made legal by Measure 91 should be released and have their records expunged
    2. All non-violent prisoners whose sentences would be less under Measure 91 should get credit for time served and released as if sentenced under Measure 91
    3. All marijuana prisoners whose possession of a firearm was lawful and never used in the commission of a marijuana crime shall be considered “non-violent”
  10. Expanded Personal Cultivation Rules
    1. Increase personal cultivation from 4 plants per household to 6 plants per adult
    2. Set upper limit of 12 plants per household no matter how many adults present
    3. Allow for commercial rental of personal grow space for adults whose landlords ban cultivation
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