Local Roundup for Oregon Cannabis September 14, 2015

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Another busy week for local marijuana regulations in our weekly roundup. In the past week, cities and counties have been buckling down on the issue of early sales to adults on October 1st.

The City of McMinneville rejected a proposed ban on early sales to adults on October 1st, and the City Council of Newberg is evenly split on whether or not to pursue a ban with a very short time frame to decide - they must take action at the September 21st meeting in order to enact a ban or licensed dispensaries selling recreational marijuana to adults will be grandfathered in despite any ordinance that bans the activity.

The City of Portland discussed licensing fees and other proposed regulations this past week, suggesting fees of $3750 or more, according to the Oregonian.

The City of Madras passed an ordinance to refer a ban for recreational marijuana to a vote of the citizens in 2016.

The City of Albany voted to prohibit early sales of marijuana to adults from medical marijuana dispensaries.

The City of Umatilla added their name to the banned list via the OLCC, as well.

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