Ballot measure 26-180

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Portland-NORML-BannerRecently the City of Portland proposed local ballot measure 26-180 for the November, 2016 Ballot, which proposes a local recreational cannabis tax. While Portland NORML understands that local municipalities may impose a 3% local tax beginning in 2017, Portland NORML does not support local taxation in addition to state imposed taxes.

The City of Portland already has the highest local municipality licensing fees in the state, and Portland NORML finds those fees already detrimental to cannabis consumers that are looking for fairly priced cannabis items. Local taxes, in addition to the higher licensing fees, could potentially make cannabis prices for Portland not as competitive as other local cities.

Portland NORML

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Spread the word about Portland NORML - Share this post!

Scott Gordon

Executive Director: Scott Gordon has been active in marijuana reform since 1990 as a volunteer activist. He has been a board member of Oregon NORML and is a featured speaker at the Seattle Hempfest and organizer and emcee at the Portland Hempstalk. His lifestyle accessories company, Urb Age Designs, promotes a positive image of marijuana consumers. Scott is also a devoted music fan and works to bring the best of Pacific Northwest musical talent to bear in the fight for marijuana equalization.

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