Stay safe on the roads, everyone!

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Drive-Safe-SquatchIt’s been an amusing and interesting week observing the many different interpretations to emerge from the media and others following AAA’s recently released report pertaining to driving, marijuana, and state legalization (mostly singling out Washington). We applaud AAA for recognizing that science doesn’t back up the negative black-matter thrown at the issue for the last few years. Basically, you can’t make up a test and believe it will be accurate if it’s not based on science, much to the dismay of prohibitionists, fear-pushers and other like-minded individuals and agencies. Without the direct science, things can quickly (and easily) become skewed! The same could be said for the sudden increase in the number of reported auto accidents purportedly linked to marijuana use. When it comes to evaluating the effects of marijuana on drivers, the direct science formula just isn’t there and this community is not going to act like it is. Traffic is ever-increasing, and the Pacific Northwest is home to 2 of the top 10 worst cities (Seattle & Portland). Opioid use is up (in fact, an epidemic), alcohol use is up, and night driving is certainly a factor. You know what else is up at the moment, voting! Vote! Stay safe on the roads, everyone!

Portland NORML

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Spread the word about Portland NORML - Share this post!

Scott Gordon

Executive Director: Scott Gordon has been active in marijuana reform since 1990 as a volunteer activist. He has been a board member of Oregon NORML and is a featured speaker at the Seattle Hempfest and organizer and emcee at the Portland Hempstalk. His lifestyle accessories company, Urb Age Designs, promotes a positive image of marijuana consumers. Scott is also a devoted music fan and works to bring the best of Pacific Northwest musical talent to bear in the fight for marijuana equalization.

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